Conceptual Designer / Storyboard Artist for film, television, video games.
Work includes Crimson Peak, Pacific Rim, The Strain, ParaNorman, Steven Universe, Pinocchio, Gears of War 4, Evolve, The Simpsons: Tree House of Horror XXIV, and the Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival. Creator and Illustrator of The Marquis published by Dark Horse Comics.
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  Just released at this year's San Diego Comic Con is a new MONDO poster that I illustrated for Guillermo del Toro's upcoming CRIMSON PEAK film (which I also did concept work on)! I'm not attending the show this year, but the poster will go on sale this Saturday, July 11, 2015 at the MONDO booth #835!
  If you're at San Diego Comicon 2015, be sure to visit the Legendary booth for the CRIMSON PEAK Gothic Gallery attraction: A "cabinet of curiosities experience" to Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming horror film, CRIMSON PEAK! Along with being part of the concept team on the film, I also worked with Guillermo on designing the booth attraction.
And for the rest of us not at the convention (like me) ~ has a personal video tour of the display given by Guillermo himself!
SDCC Kaiju alert OTACHI!
  The big San Diego Comicon (SDCC) is currently underway! I’m not at the show myslelf, but NECA Toys announced at the convention that one of the new additions to their PACIFIC RIM line of action figures will be ... OTACHI! ~ one of the film’s kaiju that I did concept for! The figure is slated for a November release, with more details coming soon.
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And as a reminder you can also see the evolution of the Otachi concept over at my Sketch Macabre tumblr too!
THE STRAIN Concept Work
  The wait is almost over! THE STRAIN premieres tonight at 10 pm on FX (nice and late so you can watch it with the lights out)! In 2012 I started work on the series as part of Guillermo del Toro's core concept team, which included an amazing group of sculptors and concept artists (Simon Lee, Francisco Ruiz Velasco, Rustam Hasanov, Keith Thompson and Simon Webber).
Too early to go into a lot of details about the work, but hopefully I'll get to show some concept art soon! In the meantime, I know I'll be watching every week and you can see one of the props I did concept for in the recent promo trailer!
Website Redesign
  The website is finally getting a big redesign! The main galleries are currently under construction, but in the meantime, be sure to check out the Sketch Macabre link to my tumblr where I'll be posting more illustrations and concepts to past projects while I get the rest of the pages up and running. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter for current updates and artist ramblings!
CRIMSON PEAK Concept work
  Back home from Toronto after being away since August on concept work for Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming film, CRIMSON PEAK! The film won’t be released til October 2015 so not much I can say right now, except that it was another wonderful experience and great fun to be part of an amazing team! More updates and info in the future.
  I was delighted to get to work with the amazing Rebecca Sugar on some concept for her wonderful new show STEVEN UNIVERSE on Cartoon Network! You can check out a bit of the concept work I did for the Crystal Temple over at the Steven Crewniverse tumblr too!
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